Announcing Inner Garden: Landmarks

We are currently working on a “deluxe” expansion pack called Landmarks which will contain mostly iconic garden buildings that dominate the landscape. It should be released more..

Introducing Flower Garden 1 Expansion Pack

Introducing Flower Garden 1 Expansion Pack

Making this pack was an easy choice for us: everybody LOVES flowers, right? From tiny wildflowers to gorgeous “thoroughbread” varieties, they lighten up otherwise monotonous environments like sparkles of color and joy. more..

50% sale on ALL packs!

In order to celebrate one million downloads on Google Play, we have discounted all packs by 50% for a limited time! Here is the nice thing: if we can get at least twice as many people buy the packs, the discount will be made permanent and everyone will benefit – we will have more users, and you will have cheaper packs!

So if you want our all packs to be more affordable, buy something now for the discounted price and spread the word about Inner Garden! Thank you all!

Introducing Architecture 1 Expansion Pack

Introducing Architecture 1 Expansion Pack

Based on user feedback, the brand new expansion pack offers more man-made structures of different flavors for your garden! Most of them are iconic mainstays of garden design, from Japanese style bridge familiar from the Claude Monet waterlily paintings, to red Scandinavian hut, with log cabin, greenhouse and more! The mood of your garden can now range from modern luxurious (with a villa and swimming pool) to old-world-dreamy (with old stone bridge overgrown with ivy and Roman pergola). The pack also includes more..

Update 2.0 with Collectible Cards is out!

After months of work, we are proud to announce that a major update of Inner Garden has been rolled out.  Besides small improvements and bug fixes, it contains a major new feature – Collectible Cards.

In real life, as you turn a plot of empty land into a living garden, you will soon get visitors – flowers and animals. Birds will build their nests in the bushes, butterflies will feed on your flowers and fish will abound in your rivers and ponds.

In Inner Garden, you can now keep a picture diary of your animal and flower friends! When they appear in your garden, you will see a camera icon. The icon is placed over the garden element which attracted the plant or animal.  For example, butterflies appear near flowers, birds in trees and bushes, fishes in water etc. You can simply touch the camera to “take a picture” and see it added to your growing collection!

The pictures are then stored in a collection where you can always find them. They are sorted into categories such as Birds, Bugs, Reptiles etc. As you build your collection, you can level up your categories. For example, once you collect all the birds from the base app, your birds collection will be marked as Level 1/4, which means you have finished the first level of four available.  To be able to collect additional levels, you have to get expansion packs. Each expansion pack contains an additional set of collectible cards.

All cards are hand-painted and represent actual species so you can also have fun not only collecting but also identifying them! And if you find it too hard, you can always ask fellow Inner Gardeners on our Facebook page.

We hope you will enjoy this new feature and get even more natural beauty and peace from Inner Garden!

Inner Garden has been published worldwide

We are happy to announce that Inner Garden is now available everywhere! Happy gardening everyone!

The launch press release on PRWeb UK is here.

Inner Garden is available in the United Kingdom and Czech Republic

October 28th is not only the Czech Independence Day but also the day on which we first presented Inner Garden to the public. After 20+ months of full-time work, we decided that although the app is not finished (and probably will never be!), it is ready.

Cautious as usual, we first released only in two countries – Czech Republic and United Kingdom. We are hoping to get a bunch of instals this week from those two countries to see if the app does well on a range of Android devices and fix any bugs that might appear. The worldwide release will follow hopefully in a couple of days.

If you happen to be in one of those countries and have an Android phone in your pocket – try it out and let us know what you think! It’s free! Just click the badge below.

Android app on Google Play

Introducing Classic Garden Expansion Pack

Introducing Classic Garden Expansion Pack

Build yourself a garden like the old-world European aristocracy. Take a stroll on clay paths, around perfectly manicured parterres and topiaries. Hide away in hedge labyrinths or secret garden “rooms”. Have silent conversations with marble statues of fauns and goddesses, half-hidden in trees. Invite guests for dinner in your Renaissance mansion.


Introducing Desert Garden Expansion Pack

Introducing Desert Garden Expansion Pack

The sculptural shapes of succulents with their strange, alluring beauty can spice up a regular garden, or better yet, they can be featured in their natural setting. If you are in need of a siesta and you feel like taking a short nap in the warm, gentle wind of a desert shadow while watching the heat haze dance in the distance, we suggest you try making a desert garden. more..