Announcing Inner Garden: Landmarks

We are currently working on a “deluxe” expansion pack called Landmarks which will contain mostly iconic garden buildings that dominate the landscape. It should be released in early October. If you wonder what “deluxe” means – it simply says the pack will be comparatively expensive. Since we need funds for further development, we think it makes sense to offer an expensive item so that our fans who want to support us and keep Inner Garden alive have a chance to give us extra money. In return, they get something outstanding and truly special. This of course does not mean that all the packs from now on will be expensive. We will continue adding inexpensive as well expensive packs to cover the whole range and have something for everyone.

Some samples from the pack below include buildings inspired by garden minaret from Lednice, Czech Republic, a botanist’s study from Bergianska botanic garden in Stockholm, Sweden, Marlborough tower from Versailles, France and lookout tower from royal residence in Drottningholm, Sweden.