Introducing Flower Garden 1 Expansion Pack

Making this pack was an easy choice for us: everybody LOVES flowers, right? From tiny wildflowers to gorgeous “thoroughbread” varieties, they lighten up otherwise monotonous environments like sparkles of color and joy. The world of flowers is so huge that we could not possibly have it covered by just one pack, so consider this as an introduction to the world of floral beauty that will be soon followed by more!

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Flower Garden 1 was also made to meet the frequent user request for a more affordable pack. Unlike the more costly packs, Flower Garden is very affordable at around $1.75 (1.50 EUR) allowing undecided users to try expanding their Inner Garden selection without spending much. We hope you’ll like it!

 Species present in this pack include flowering horse chestnut trees, azaleas, hydrangeas, lavender, asters, foxtail lilies, canna lilies, asters, circular patches, narcissi, hollyhocks and more, most of them with up to three color variants. In addition to that, we have included several meadow surfaces such as crocuses, dandelions and poppies.