Google Play featured Inner Garden

Last Friday, we were fortunate enough to be granted featured placement on the front page of Google Play store.  The featured apps are hand-picked by the Google Play Editorial Board to represent the cream of the crop among hundreds of thousands of apps on Google Play. Therefore, we are really honored that Inner Garden was invited to join in such a good company.

Featured apps usually see a substantial increase in the number of downloads which is the case with Inner Garden as well. Pavel and I are really happy we have a lot of new users trying out our app, commenting on it, building gardens, leaving meaningful feedback. We hope that with the help of you, our users, we can build and sustain a generous and kind community of people who like art, gardening and spirit of peace, exchanging gardens, tips and good mood in general!

As always, I’d like to encourage you all to get in touch with us and tell us what you like as well as don’t like about Inner Garden, what you would like to see in the updates and to show us your gardens.  You can do this via our Facebook, comments here or even e-mail.

But most importantly:  spring is finally here! :)