Introducing Architecture 1 Expansion Pack

Based on user feedback, the brand new expansion pack offers more man-made structures of different flavors for your garden! Most of them are iconic mainstays of garden design, from Japanese style bridge familiar from the Claude Monet waterlily paintings, to red Scandinavian hut, with log cabin, greenhouse and more! The mood of your garden can now range from modern luxurious (with a villa and swimming pool) to old-world-dreamy (with old stone bridge overgrown with ivy and Roman pergola). The pack also includes small items such as garden furniture, three sets of fencing (brick, picket and trellis), deck chairs, parasols in two colors, table and chairs. Trellis elements are available with or without climbing roses.

Android app on Google Play

As the name suggests, we plan to release another architecture-themed pack. If you would like to tell us what elements you’d like to see in it, like us on Facebook and let us know there!