Update 2.0 with Collectible Cards is out!

After months of work, we are proud to announce that a major update of Inner Garden has been rolled out.  Besides small improvements and bug fixes, it contains a major new feature – Collectible Cards.

In real life, as you turn a plot of empty land into a living garden, you will soon get visitors – flowers and animals. Birds will build their nests in the bushes, butterflies will feed on your flowers and fish will abound in your rivers and ponds.

In Inner Garden, you can now keep a picture diary of your animal and flower friends! When they appear in your garden, you will see a camera icon. The icon is placed over the garden element which attracted the plant or animal.  For example, butterflies appear near flowers, birds in trees and bushes, fishes in water etc. You can simply touch the camera to “take a picture” and see it added to your growing collection!

The pictures are then stored in a collection where you can always find them. They are sorted into categories such as Birds, Bugs, Reptiles etc. As you build your collection, you can level up your categories. For example, once you collect all the birds from the base app, your birds collection will be marked as Level 1/4, which means you have finished the first level of four available.  To be able to collect additional levels, you have to get expansion packs. Each expansion pack contains an additional set of collectible cards.

All cards are hand-painted and represent actual species so you can also have fun not only collecting but also identifying them! And if you find it too hard, you can always ask fellow Inner Gardeners on our Facebook page.

We hope you will enjoy this new feature and get even more natural beauty and peace from Inner Garden!