Introducing Classic Garden Expansion Pack

Build yourself a garden like the old-world European aristocracy. Take a stroll on clay paths, around perfectly manicured parterres and topiaries. Hide away in hedge labyrinths or secret garden “rooms”. Have silent conversations with marble statues of fauns and goddesses, half-hidden in trees. Invite guests for dinner in your Renaissance mansion.

Classic Garden Expansion Pack is inspired by all the historic gardens we have here in Europe: from Renaissance gardens of Italy such as Villa d’Este to formal French gardens, most famously represented by the Gardens of Versailles.

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Classic Garden is a special affair among our packs. More so than the others, it is a building set that empowers you to build your own shapes.  All the hedges in the picture above have been built by combining a few basic hedge shapes. These basic shapes can be joined in a myriad of different ways – you can create geometric lines or free-flowing curves, ornaments simple or complex, small or large. Building in this way is perhaps more challenging, but also more rewarding. To help you out and give you ideas, we have share some hints and tips here.

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