Tips & Tricks: Garden Mandala, or the Mirror of the Soul

In Eastern wisdom, mandala is a round semi-abstract painting that helps one to submerge in peaceful meditation. Mandalas are also used in therapy. With Inner Garden, you can easily create such mandalas as well. For those who haven’t tried, it might be hard to believe how powerful the experience can be.

Remember, there is no right or wrong with mandalas. There are no rules to follow, quite the contrary – the point is to let go and be yourself. You can create anything from a very formal, geometric pattern such as the one below, to a chaotic whirl of wild vegetation, from a gleeful springtime park to a melancholy world of an abandoned property. In a way, each garden you create with Inner Garden is a mandala, because every time you make one, it will tell you something about yourself. You will find that you create different constellations on different days, that you come back to certain patterns while avoiding others. You will realize that your gardens are a mirror of your soul.